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Our history

Join us on a journey through time.


What once began with the "Fremdenheim Neururer" and was shaped over many years by generations and time - presents itself today as a popular vacation hotspot in the No. 1 ski dimension Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis.


May we introduce? The ALFA Hotel in Serfaus then & now, where tradition meets modernity:

[Translate to English:] 1958-1979 Fremdenheim Neururer

1958-1979 "Once upon a time...in Pfunds"

The first guests were welcomed already 1958 in Pfunds in the former "Fremdenheim Neururer"


There was a floor shower for the 13 guest rooms, and the rooms already had hot and cold running water.

In 1968 the "Pension Alpenblick" opened in Pfunds directly on the Reschenbundesstra├če with 16 rooms. All rooms already had shower & WC.

[Translate to English:] Alt-Serfaus

1979 "Alt-Serfaus"

In 1979 the restaurant "Alt-Serfaus" opened with apartments attached to it.


This was followed by the Holzschupfn Apres Ski Bar.

2012 "ALFA"

In 2010, the planning for the project "ALFA" began, before the starting signal for the rebuild was given in April 2012. The remodeling was realized in a period of 8 months.


Only through the participation of local companies as well as consistent construction management was it possible to complete the project on time and without delays in mid-December.

Host with passion

For three generations we have been hosts with passion. Already in the 1950s my grandparents built a bed and breakfast in nearby Pfunds.


After my father acquired an old farm in Serfaus in 1979, the tourist spirit began to turn even more. Hospitality was taught to us from childhood - it's in our blood, so to speak. And we are happy to be able to convince you of this again and again!

We believe that it is an art to enjoy and feel at home on vacation. We want to bring this art closer to all our guests.


With our exceptional team in all departments and tireless dedication, together we ensure that you enjoy every minute at ALFA Hotel to the fullest.


The ALFA Hotel lives through its guests and excels through its employees. We are incredibly proud of our excellent team and are very happy about the long-time loyalty of many employees. Every single head has his own character and takes his own role. This diversity of people has always distinguished us!


Chef de Cuisine

Juraj Vyparina came to Serfaus in 1991 as a then 19-year-old to work with us as a cook in the former "Alt-Serfaus". Since then he is not only the most loyal soul of our house, but already an institution and culinary tour guide through your vacation. Under great chefs he was able to train with us before he could develop as a chef from the 2000s. With the conversion of the former hotel to the present ALFA Hotel Serfaus, he managed to raise his already excellent culinary skills to an even higher level. The quality credo of our ALFA kitchen line is unmistakable, and our guests appreciate and love that!


Chef de Bar

Rene Pal is our ambitious and creative bartender in our Gin & Cocktail bar INCONTRO. Since 2016 he has been working for us as a second bartender, and since 2019 he has been responsible for the strategic direction of the bar as head bartender. Rene is a very communicative person, and he is never embarrassed  to give our guests an excellent gin recommendation. That is his profession and where he is at home. Exceptional quality cocktails have convinced many a "narrow-minded" person of the diversity of the beverage world. You simply have to try it yourself when you are our guest!



Anna Vyparinova - or better known as "Hanka" has been the leader of our team on the floor since the first hour of the ALFA Hotel. Meticulous, perfectly organized, she really doesn't miss a thing! She has incredible teamwork and motivational skills. It is simply impossible to imagine our management team without her. For you as guests, her work is evident in the fact that the rooms and public areas of the hotel are always clean and tidy. This is the merit of Anna and her strong team of maids.

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