Architecture & DesignTradition meets modernity

Architecture made for long-lasting period.

Straight & clear - completely rounded

The straightforward modern architecture with large open window fronts, plus the facade design of native larch and indestructible natural stone materials and glass. Inside, there are local woods, warm textiles and typical regional loden fabric and warm natural colors - all spiced up with garish elements - but never so much that it seems too much. This style runs through the entire hotel and it is not for nothing that it seems "like from one cast".


One style - but not mainstream

ALFA Hotel was built in 2012 and designed holistically. The idea was to establish a modern uniform style, which however remains timeless and clearly stands out from other hotels.


Light & dark - opposites attract magical

On the one hand, bright and light-flooded rooms with generous window areas. On the other side, a lot of dark interior. This becomes apparent as soon as you enter.


Local materials from the alpine region

Natural stone, larch wood, loden fabric, warm natural colors & flashy elements, tables made of treated wood from local forests, old wood finished parlor: with us you will NOT find the modern alpine chic in its excess.